Back school: Prevention of Back Pain at Wirbelsäulenzentrum am Stiglmaierplatz, München

Back School

Every success starts … at school. The health of the back also begins with the long-standing back school as the basis for independent and health orientated action.

Julia Schmidt leads the back school in our rehabilitation and training center after having completed her physiotherapy training at one of the most-renowned school in Dresden. As she puts it:

“In order to prevent a back condition or to at least avoid it becoming chronic, the posture and behavior must often be totally changed”.

Therefore it is all about motivating, and informing you about positive behavior. And, of course, training and practicing this. The participants of the back school will learn about their body awareness, to be sensitized for its needs and to pay attention to their posture in every position. Other than merely promoting muscle power, it rather focusses on coordination and dexterity. Therefore, the body learns to relieve itself. What a great start!

Courses dates and times

Here you can find our current course offers.

Please call 089 5434303610 for information and registration. 

Nutritional Consultation

Wednesday 16.00-17.30

Coordinated by Melanie Muacevic

Spinal therapeutic exercises (medical gymnastics)

Tuesday 17.00-18.00

Friday 10.30-11.30

Coordinated by Annika Behringer

Back School

Wednesday 19:00-20:00

Coordinated by Julia Schmidt, Annika Behringer


Monday 18.30-19.15

Wednesday 14.00-14.45   (UNKLAR OB DAS STATTFINDET!!!)

Thursday 10.00-10.45

Coordinated by Melanie Muacevic