In-Patient Care at Hospitals for Patients of Wirbelsäulenzentrums am Stiglmaierplatz

In-Patient Care at Hospitals

If you have to be admitted to our spinal surgery department of the Helios Clinic München Perlach due to an impending operation or pain therapy, then you are in good hands under the care of Dr. Ralph Medele and Dr. Marko Ständer.

If you are a private patient, you have the possibility to choose the IATROS Privatklinik in addition. This can be found in the same building as the Wirbelsäulenzentrum.

All clinics adhere to excellent modern standards. Their highly motivated and well-coordinated team guarantee you optimal care during your hospitalization. 

Iatros Private Clinic

Iatros Klinik Wirbelsäulenzentrum

The Iatros Klinik is located in the same building as us, and is our partner for private patient care, both German and international patients.

The clinic is equipped with 5 operating theatres and the most modern technology. The experienced anesthesiologists are well-skilled in all anesthesia and local anesthesia procedures. The clinic personnel take great pride in making your stay as comfortable as possible for you.

Helios Clinic in München-Perlach

Klinik München-Perlach

The modern hospital contains 170 beds and 3 operating theatres and an intensive care unit. There is a surgical, anaesthesiological and internal present, ensuring your optimal medical care.

Dr. Ralph Medele and Dr. Marko Ständer, department leaders for spinal surgery, and attend to it daily.

You will spend your stay in bright, friendly three bed rooms normally. All are equipped with bathroom, showering facilities as well as telephone, TV and radio. There are also double rooms which are available on request.

All German public health insurance are ready to cover the cost for the in-patient hospitalization.

Helios Klinik München Perlach