Our Philosophy at Wirbelsäulenzentrum am Stiglmaierplatz in München

Our Philosophy

The spine focuses on fulfilling two functions due to the upright posture of the human being. Firstly, the spine guarantees the movement of our body. Secondly, it stabilizes the body and thus allows us to maintain an upright posture. Due to the fact that our spine is not equipped for modern society and its needs, it is often under stress and causes us pain. This occurs when the individual balance between movement and stability has been disrupted.

Unfortunately, patients do not often seek the help of a highly specialized spinal center (such as ours) and thus do not get the most suitable and effective treatment as a consequence. This means prolonged, unnecessary suffering. Thus, in many cases, a competent diagnosis and target-orientated therapy is often introduced too late.

The diagnosis of spinal conditions is medically complicated because the occurring pain cannot be objectively assessed. That means that we cannot measure your pain simply with just some technical device.

This is confirmed by many studies. Some of them state that in up to 85% of cases, back pain is classified as “unspecific”, meaning that there is no explainable cause. However, common sense tells us that, of course, there is a reason for the pain.

Having this in mind, we apply a holistic treatment philosophy and, thus, we consider not only the spine but also the whole anatomical surrounding structures.

For your diagnosis, we always start with your individual description of your pain and condition. This is followed by a physical examination. In addition, we add the data received from our modern technical imaging procedures. All of this allows us to really find out the origin of your pain.

On this basis, we develop a target-oriented therapy, combining conservative, interventional and minimally-invasive techniques. The treatment also benefits from the atmosphere of trust and cooperation between patient and doctor.