Norbert Mittermaier specializes in the treat of degenerative spinal illnesses and traumas

Norbert Mittermaier


 Norbert Mittermaier specializes in the treat of degenerative spinal illnesses and traumas. Given his many years at the Neurosurgery Clinic of the City Hospital Bogenhausen, Munich, a hospital that offers maximal care and covers the complete spectrum of Neurology, Norbert Mittermaier’s wealth of experience ranges to all areas of the spine.

Through his continual further education and training as well as attendance of domestic and international congresses and workshops, he has already been able to implement the latest techniques clinically.

In cooperation with the pathological clinic (CA Prof. Dr. Nerlich),  Norbert Mittermaier and his colleagues at the Clinic for Neurosurgery have published several articles concerning the aging process of intervertebral discs. He has been part of our experienced neurological and spinal specialist team since the beginning of 2011.

As a Munich native, he completed his medical studies at the University of Regensburg and the Ludwig-Maximilians University, Munich.

After graduating, he began his on-the-job training as a trauma surgeon at the Surgical Clinic under Dr. Rinecker in 1988. Norbert Mittermaier moved on to the clinic of neurosurgery clinic of the Bogenhausen Hospital, Munich, in 1990 where he was further educated as a neurosurgeon. He has been a specialist in neurosurgery since 1999. 

Norbert  Mittermaier is a passionate skier, like his Olympic gold medalist cousin Rosi Mittermaier. He also enthusiastically engages himself in Archeology and Prehistory.

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