Bodily Examination of Back Conditions at Wirbelsäulenzentrum am Stiglmaierplatz, München

Bodily Examination

A thorough bodily examination is the basis of establishing and narrowing down the cause of the medical condition. The first diagnosis can be established with your help.

Next, patients will discuss your medical condition extensively with our doctors. At the end of this, your body will be examined. The doctor will press certain pressure points. He/she will also check your reflexes and your musculoskeletal system including the joints.

After that, our doctors can give you a clearer picture of your health condition and medical condition. Then, we will discuss the next steps. It is possible that the doctors will recommend further examinations using medical devices. Otherwise, we can suggest concrete treatment if the diagnosis is fixed.


Complaints concerning the movement apparatus and in particular the spine often manifest themselves though reduced strength and movement. In the first bodily examination, the doctor will check whether you can move accordingly to your age and general health condition. As the doctor examines the present impairments to your body, he/she can quickly establish their cause or suggest further procedures of examinations. 


There are certain stimuli in the human body that give rapid and similar reactions, which cannot be controlled or influenced. These are known as reflexes. Well-known is for example that the lower leg after a short tap under the kneecap bounces upwards. Such reflexes can be disrupted due to a medical condition. Our doctors will try to trigger important reflexes and document the reactions from patients. Through these tests, we can discard some possible causes, and also gain additional hints for further examinations.


With squeezed nerves as well as degeneration of the spine or of the musculoskeletal system, it is also often found that the degree of sensitivity is restricted. The doctor will search for such restrictions in order to deduce any underlying conditions