Discussing the x-ray results at Wirbelsäulenzentrum am Stiglmaierplatz in München

X-ray Examination

An x-ray examination is the easiest and quickest way to examine the spine using images. The bones and the bone structures are shown without pain and difficulty – however, x-ray is not as detailed or exact as computer tomography.

From the images, it is possible to recognise degeneration of the vertebral bodies, instabilities and scoliosis as well as arthrosis of the small spinal joints and significant shrinkage of the disc space. This suggests that structural changes have occurred to the spine and your medical condition could be responsible for this.

X-ray beams are electromagnetic waves that can penetrate matter. Depending on the type of matter, they are weakened to different degrees accordingly: The calcium in the bones absorbs and weakens the x-ray beams significantly, and thus strong bones are clearly visible on the x-ray film or computer monitor. However, soft tissue cannot be made visible very well through x-rays. 

Should an x-ray be necessary, we pay close attention to keeping the exposure to the radiation to a minimum. Only those affected areas will be shortly x-rayed and body parts sensitive to radiation will be protected with lead shields or aprons.