Endoscopic Disc Surgery performed by surgeons at the Wirbelsäulenzentrum am Stiglmaierplatz, München

Endoscopic Disc Surgery

In the last decades, different surgical techniques were developed for treating herniated discs. The “gold standard” is the microsurgical open removal of the slipped disc. The surgeon has the chance to use an endoscope – which is a combination of a small working channel with a camera. This allows us what it called a “keyhole”-surgery for which micro-instruments are inserted through only a tiny incision and protruding discs as well as certain herniated discs can be removed.

During this surgical procedure, the patient will lie on their stomach. After a small incision has been made, under x-rays control, specific tissue dividers which increase in diameter inside the body will create a channel towards to intervertebral space or herniated disc. Then, the endoscope as well as the operating instruments will be inserted.

Via the special lens of the endoscope, the surgeon is able to see images of the inside of the human body on his video monitor. Thus, he has full visibility of his micro-instruments as well as the tissue to be removed.