Herniated Disc Surgery of the Lumbar Spine

Herniated Disc Surgery of the Lumbar Spine

With a lumbar discectomy or nucleotomy, a 5 cm long incision will be made along the affected area of the lumbar spine. Then, a small tube (the so called speculum) will be introduced up to the herniated disc. Then, the surgeon will under microscopic observation insert the surgical instruments through this tube and operate on damaged disc through this tube.

If possible, the surgeons at Wirbelsäulenzentrum am Stiglmaierplatz will perform a full endoscopic surgery which allows even smaller incision (around 3 centimeters).

In the operation, the surgeon removes the damaged areas of the disc as well as all loose parts. Through this, we avoid that the residual disc tissue (for example the rest of the fibrous ring) could press again on the nerves and cause further pain.

The remaining fixed tissue is mostly able to fulfil the function as a buffer to the intervertebral discs. If the remaining tissue is not able to fulfill such function, then we should consider introducing prosthetics or other replacement measures.

After the operation, resting yourself is very important. Later, you can begin with physiotherapy exercises under the professional guidance.