Heat Probe Treatment at Wirbelsäulenzentrum am Stiglmaierplatz in München

Heat Probe Treatment

Heat probe treatment also known as thermocoagulation, shrinks the nerve roots and reduces the pain – for example caused by active arthritis of the facet joints. The nerve endings – for example of the facet joints of the spine – will be heated up to 70 degrees Celsius. This will cause them to lose their ability to induce pain.

The doctor will put a thermal probe on the nerve endings of the facet joints during the heat probe treatment. The position of the needle is controlled by a computer tomography or monitor. Then, the doctor tests the functionality of the nerve with a short stimulus and then the doctor injects some anesthetic. Finally, the doctor heats probe tip causing the nerve endings to shrink.

After this outpatient treatment and a few hours of observation at our center, patients are allowed to leave and return home. Depending on the severity of the procedure and your health condition we may recommend an inpatient stay.