Modern prosthesis replaces a spinal disc

Spinal Disc Prostheses

After removing the protruding parts of a slipped disc, the remainder of the spinal discs may not be sufficient to fulfil its function as shock absorbers of the spine anymore. Modern prosthetic discs that are inserted in between the vertebrae instead of the original spinal disc may be a solution.

However, prosthetics may not be advisable for every patient. What is important, is that the adjacent vertebral segments and the small facet joints do not show significant degeneration.

In case of operation the cervical spine, the surgical access is not much different to a a normal spinal disc operation. However, in the area of the lumbar spine, the surgical access is more complicated as the prosthesis must be inserted from the forward side.

Modern prostheses that are used at the Wirbelsäulenzentrum am Stiglmaierplatz, take into account special anatomical needs of the cervical spine and are considerably more developed than earlier forms. (Picture: Synthes). With these modern prostheses, you maintain your natural movement, the bony substance does not get worn down and you can quickly begin with rehabilitation. The prerequisite for an insertion of the prosthetic is that the bony substance of the vertebral body is mostly intact.

Please come to us for a consultation in order to find out whether this therapy method is potentially suitable for you.