Nutritional Consultation at Wirbelsäulenzentrum am Stiglmaierplatz in München

Nutritional Consultation

Whoever wants to be productive, needs sufficient nutrients. However, too many or the wrong nutrients lead to weight gain. And this, naturally burdens the back. Nutritional consultation is thus an essential point in our rehabilitation and training center. Our nutritional consultant Melanie Muacevic will especially focus on your good and bad habits and thus aim to achieve long-term results.

For this reason, your personal habits and desires are the starting point because it doesn’t make sense to force people into strict dieting.

On the contrary: It is our aim to adjust the food recommendations to each individual and to promote an understanding of a sensible lifestyle.

And because food changes are more fun if you don’t have to do them alone, Melanie Muacevic prefers bringing six people of similar ages and genders together for food nutritional consultations. After an individual eating habits check and a full body check, the group meets once a week to discuss common food nutritional themes, and practice their application in everyday life. Going together to a supermarket, Ms. Muacevic will show you sensible “supply management”. She will explain to you where the dangers are hidden and how to prepare a healthy and enjoyable meal.

The seminar materials with delicious and nutritious recipes and small tasks to practice are there to support you so you can prepare everything effortlessly at home.

If you don’t want to be bound to a course lasting 6 weeks, you can choose the personal training option: You will get an individual consultation with helpful tips for changing your diet. On special arrangement, the personal training can even be done at home or in your office.

Even if you are not overweight and do not have any back problems yet: Healthy and tasty food is the basis for energy and joy in life. So use your chance to develop a personal well-being strategy.