The tips from physiotherapist, Julia Schmidt

Prevention Tips

Even when there are many methods to alleviate back conditions and to enable spinal patients a continually pain-free life, damage to the spine cannot be undone. For that reason, our physiotherapist Julia Schmidt (pictured) has put together some tips that could help you to avoid damage to and degeneration of the spine. Prevention is better than any therapy!

The tips from physiotherapist, Julia Schmidt

  • Avoid standing and sitting for long periods of time – always be on the move!
  • When sitting or standing for long periods of time, you should change your posture as much as possible (“sit dynamically”) and when sitting lean against the back of the chair
  • When driving for a long time, schedule many small breaks to move about.
  • Avoid having a forward bent upperbody posture for a long period of time.
  • When standing for a long time, it is beneficial to lift one foot, e.g. place it on a small stool.
    Stay active: Go more often by foot, use the stairs instead of elevators – add more dynamic movement into your everyday life.
  • Stretch the back of your head towards a backward-high position.
  • Wear comfortable shoes with a soft sole and flat heels.
  • Try to take away weight from your arms when working at the computer for long periods of time.
  • When bending down, go into the squat position. If you have to lift things, use the strength in your legs.
  • Carry any weight close to your body.

Our doctors and physiotherapists can give your further suggestions and tips for a healthy back at your appointment.

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