The caudal injection procedure or caudal block procedure at Wirbelsäulenzentrum am Stiglmaierplatz in München

Caudal Injection

In order to treat deep back pain, a combination of anti-inflammatory and local analgesic (pain killing) substances can be introduced directly into the spinal cord or the spinal canal.

Over the course of the last years, a variety of procedures have been developed. The Catheter procedure named after (Prof. Racz-Katheter) is widely used. Here, a catheter is directly inserted into the lower end of the spine into the sacral region and left in there for 3 days. This biggest disadvantage of this treatment method is that there is a high risk of infection and that patients must stay in hospital.

The caudal injection procedure or caudal block procedure is a way around this problem. A sterile needle will be inserted through the skin into the lower opening of the spinal canal under sterile conditions. Then, the relevant substances will be introduced. For added safety, we do the puncture under x-ray control.

In addition, we check the correct position of the needle before administering the substances by doing a trial-injection using contrast medium. The spreading pattern of the contrast medium will be displayed on our monitors and also saved into our electronic archives.  Only then, the actual medication is administered. The positive effects can be felt within a few minutes.

The needle will be removed once the injection is over and a sterile plaster will be put over your skin. The whole procedure is done as an ambulant procedure at the Wirbelsäulenzentrum am Stiglmaierplatz and takes around 20 minutes. Afterwards, you will spend 30 minutes in our resting area where you will be continually observed by our team. After your release, you are free to resume your regular daily activities immediately. Patients with longstanding medical conditions are usually advised to repeat this treatment three times every 8 to 14 days.