Drug Therapy

When you feel pain coming from your spine, this can lead to serious consequences. It often is a vicious cycle: Due to the pain, the patient adopts a relieving posture which leads to muscle tension and further pain.

In order to break the vicious cycle of back and spine pain, we recommend drug therapy in the form of tablets and infusions. Anti-inflammatory medication along with pain killers will be used to fight against not only the symptoms but also the cause of the back pain.

By doing this, your muscle tension as well as your pain will diminish. Additionally we recommend gentle physiotherapy depending on the type of pain and its cause.


Tabletten und orale Medikamente zur Behandlung von Rückenschmerzen im Wirbelsäulenzentrum am Stiglmaierplatz, München

Taking tablets is the easiest form of pain therapy regarding the spine. Especially in the cases of severe pain, a doctor is necessary to oversee the drugs in order to minimise undesired side effects.

If your medical condition does not improve, you should ask your doctor about further types of treatment – for example infusion therapy, interventional or surgical procedures.


Infusionsbehandlung zur Schmerztherapie bei Rückenschmerzen im Wirbelsäulenzentrum am Stiglmaierplatz, München

If tablets are not sufficient, we can also offer you infusion therapy. Here, analgesics (painkillers) are directly administered directly into a vein through an infusion. If the back pain does not decrease even after infusion treatment and repetitive treatments will become necessary, you can consider surgical options.