Facet Infiltration at Wirbelsäulenzentrum am Stiglmaierplatz in München

Facet Infiltration

When performing a facet infiltration an anesthetic is directly injected into vertebral or facet joint. Anti-inflammatory corticosteroids may be possibly used to supplement the therapy. The treatment method is mostly used when physical therapy or physiotherapy alone did not bring about any improvements.

The facet joints connect the back parts of the spine or rather of the spinal canal. Through degeneration as well as dispositions or loose ligaments the facet joints are irritated similarly to arthroses in other joints. As a consequence, you will feel back pain and potentially pain radiating to the legs.

The doctor will use a thin needle for the facet joint infiltration. In order to ensure that the injection occurs at the desired position, the doctor will use x-rays or computer tomography.  

After this ambulant injection, you will be observed by our team for 30 minutes and after that you are free to leave. It is often the case that further treatment is necessary so that the feeling of pain permanently subsides. Even when the pain becomes less, you should not forget to continue with your physiotherapy in order to build up your muscles.