Scoliosis surgery for straightening the spine

Scoliosis Surgery (Straightening of the Spine)

A misalignment of the spine with bending and twisting is known as Scoliosis. This condition can manifest itself in children as well as older people with degenerative, muscle or nerve conditions. The curvature of the spine can affect internal organ, such as the lungs or the heart, and cause significant pain due to pinched nerves.

A straightening surgery can alleviate the condition or its side-effects in many cases.

Dr. Predrag Vucic was the longstanding senior physician at the Scoliosis Center of Vogtareuth. Since 2013, he has enriched our team as a specialist with particular expertise in the treatment of complicated spinal deformities, found in childhood and adulthood. His expertise also extends to the surgical reposition of scoliosis and hyperkyphosis (dowager’s hump).

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